Mini cooper white smoke on startup, Method 2. But as we are Mini cooper white smoke on startup, Method 2. But as we are Lift the hood and locate the engine oil level dipstick which usually has a yellow handle on it to distinguish it from other components. So I performed a compression test this morning to assess the health of the engine and hear are the results: Assuming the OEM compression in PSI for a new R53 is 175 psi. There are a number of potential causes, with the more severe being worn valve seals, piston rings or turbochargers. Increased Oil Consumption. MINI Cooper - Mini Cooper - blue smoke, engine burning oil. black smoke is a rich running condition. How we can help. My turbo oil feed line developed the all-too-common oil leak at the feed line. 4 ways to fix black smoke from cars. In fact, this is not always the case. I left mini in with ards rover an mini centre to be timed and they done good job This vapor can range in color from white to gray or black depending on the cause. This is usually in the case of white smoke from the exhaust. Another issue that may cause you to smell gas when you start your car is a failed pressure regulator. An external oil leak and an engine e actually burning oil are two completely different things. When the car stays still and idles for a few minutes and then you drive after idling it white smoke comes out of the Piston rings overlap. It only seems to be for a minute or two though as once it has warmed up, it seems to stop. Cost on Amazon or Ebay is about £10-£15. White/Blueish smoke when the engine is hot and after a period of idling such as a queue or in the queue waiting for a Drive-thru is highly likely to be the PCV valve. Sometimes, this is caused by worn-out piston rings, which means you may need to replace the engine. After after a long idle 10mins or so on take off I get a plume of blue/grey smoke behind. But if your exhaust is blowing white smoke in a warm climate, there could be an internal issue that requires your attention. I have a 2011 Mini Cooper S, I purchased it with around 77k miles on it a few months ago. As the engine warms up and the condensation dissipates the white exhaust smoke (steam) is no longer seen. Real world diagnosis at home for your MINI R56 Cooper S blowing smoke after long idle. White smoke from the exhaust system is usually not an issue. Or under load for that matter. Blown Turbocharger. It does not smoke at startup. If white exhaust continues past 20 min of driving with no evidence of oil in coolant and runs fine, still get it checked out. Posted 03 April 2015 - 09:37 AM. Condensation The most common reason for white smoke from the exhaust pipe is condensed water that is getting vaporized. Both faulty valve seals and faulty piston rings can cause leaking oil in the combustion chamber. They have a life of about 60k miles and when they fail, they can cause engine or catalytic converter damage. When it drives it's fine I see nothing. But if I let it cool for any longer than about. When i came home i turn off the car and after turn on in a few seconds, ther was again some white smoke. Of course they are - one is unburnt oil on the outside of the engine, the other oil being burnt inside and emerging from the exhaust. Check the Coolant Level. a smoke leak from collector - manifold turbo. Only happens after a few minutes of idling 2. Low coolant levels can cause the engine to overheat and lead to white March 9, 2022 by Stephen Many people think that white smoke from the exhaust is a sign of a working engine. For example, if the cylinder number 1 misfires in a 4-cylinder engine, it will run only on 3 cylinders and will have the code P0301, see the animation. If it’s operating in tip-top shape, tailpipe emissions should be nearly undetectable. A white smoke from the exhaust when accelerating is usually a sign of something wrong with the engine. When your car is standing for a long time and hasn’t been used for a day or Is your car blowing white smoke from its exhaust? Check out the Drive’s Garage guide to discover the causes of exhaust white smoke and how to fix them. The AET Blog - Turbo Facts. Blue/Gray. If you White smoke after idle. 2. Still smokes. • Incorrect fuel/air Estimate. Update: oil leak again from Rocker Cover - 2 months ago I changed all the gasket without success - 95% of the oil leak came from this part. Jump to Latest Follow 2467 Views 17 Replies 7 Participants Last post by ICMINI, Jan 11, 2013. • Grey You'll feel a vacuum from the system sucking at your fingertip and notice a momentary idle speed drop of about 40 to 80 RPMs. • Blue smoke from the exhaust: Oil is being burned. $110. Common causes of blue smoke include damaged piston rings, leaking valve seals, and worn cylinder walls. (c) Pulling off at the traffic light, or if I rev when idle and step off the accelerator (overrun). Walnut blast the intake valves. - Andrew-T : From what I understand. When accelerating from the lights when the idle has been fluctuating I get some blue smoke. If the light stays on it means the ESP system is deactivated. This will often happen when the engine is still cold. Idle speed will drop between 40 to 80 RPMs and then rise back to normal. Here are the different kinds of white smoke that your exhaust may be generating and what it may mean. The previous owner forgot to add some of the gaskets. A quick google of 'prince engine problems' throws up yards of entertaining threads quoting a variety of problems including the wrong type of oil Drove the car 60 miles home, drove fine. If i give it a few revs, it seems to be worse. Another way to test for vacuum is to pinch or block the vacuum hose connected to the PCV valve. This is generally steam caused by condensation. Another common cause of the smoke on engine startup is overlapping piston rings. 24 - $117. If it’s flashing it means the ESP system is intervening – for example, if you’re driving on a slippery road. (I read 175 psi was the compression for a MINI when new, in a forum thread so the number could be wrong). Smoking on startup is usually a sign of valve guide wear I believe, where Blue Smoke On Startup - posted in Injection Mini Specific - SPi/MPi: Hi all, Im starting to get a puff of blue smoke every time I start the car in the morning and it 24 posts. Show example Mini Cooper Smoke from engine or exhaust Inspection prices. turnaround and immediately drove home - you can see the amount of smoke here (it was a hell of a lot and none stop. Coolant level seems to be stable and uncontaminated all though I have noticed a few black specs in Oil leaks cause white smoke from your exhaust because of damaged and leaking valve seals and piston rings. You can tell a lot from exhaust smoke and a faulty turbo will cause excessive exhaust smoke of a range of colors. Blue or gray exhaust smoke is an indication of an oil leak. #18 · Feb 29, 2020. This happens often when the engine is cold. Mini Cooper - Blue Smoke from exhaust - John F. It doesn't happen every time and it's nearly impossible to recreate it which is why I'm hesitant to take it to the dealer. Misfiring engine. The most common cause of this problem is a clogged air filter. You may notice poor engine performance, including irregular acceleration, misfiring, hard starting, or surging. Hello! So about a week ago my 2010 mini cooper was leaking coolant. my advice would be to look into the cylinders with a borescope if she does have a hg leak it will be almost spotless coz of the steam cleaning effect of the water. One possible reason why there is white smoke from the exhaust when accelerating is a cracked or blown head gasket. 000 miles its At idle I get an burnt oily smell through the vents, any duration of idle. It Can Be Because Of Spark Plugs. But hey! If it continues after the car warms up If your exhaust pipe is emitting black smoke, it's likely because the fuel/air mixture is too rich. With the engine off and the car on level ground remove the dipstick and wipe it clean, then reinsert and remove to observe the level. I just got head skimmed and new gasket seals after water an oil mixed. For further information on turbocharging technology or any of our services, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 01924894171, or email info@aet-turbos. For instance, if your car emits a little smoke at startup then clears as the engine warms up then there is nothing to worry about. White smoke, with an odd smell on startup, If you continue to see white smoke coming out of the pipe after the engine has had a chance to warm up or while accelerating, then your coolant might be leaking Roadside Rescue - YouTube 0:00 / 4:49 This Mini blows out white smoke when it gets hot. Air filters all changed also. The level should be between the FULL and ADD marks. dont get much driveing. The ends of my exhaust are quite sooty. Location: belfast. Replace Turbo, Turbo oil lines, and Catalyst. If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced, soot and ash will build up over time and cause white smoke to appear. A sludged or coked bearing housing, a restricted oil drain line, or a broken oil seal is normally the A starter that smokes when trying to start the car usually indicates a problem such as a short circuit, damaged wiring, faulty components, or unusual resistance from the engine. White smoke - coolant entering the combustion chamber (I have seen this happen in a number of ways that don't show up on a compression test - including leaking freeze (aka welsh) plug in the intake manifold and cylinder head casting defect, as well as usual causes - head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked block. I installed the replacement part from Detroit Tuned and reassembled everything correctly (I'll admit that I have a few heat shield screws leftover, but after spending 12 hours on this project, I just wanted to start it up if someone over filled it with oil can cause smoke only when you boot it off the line if a little over full, but if more than 20mm on the timp stick over the full mark will smoke all the time until oil burns away,, but really should check the level when car is cold first thing needs to be on full mark , if turbo is nailed with 132. The internal combustion process requires the correct amount of air intake to burn the fuel completely. Since it's happening across all cylinders, I'm a bit stumped. Excessive Exhaust Smoke. He White smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe might result due to so countless reasons however when you see white smoke from the exhaust at startup, just know (Photo: GoMechanic) Thick white smoke from exhaust suggests that coolant or water has inadvertently entered the combustion chamber, which they should never. and checked it for air flow and it seems to be working fine. If no evidence in coolant, drive for about 10-15 min and recheck exhaust. Coolant and oil level is still ok. Blue smoke coming from the exhaust often indicates that there is oil in the combustion chamber. At AET, we provide high quality, professional repairs for turbochargers across a full range of applications. Here's what I've done: Replaced spark plugs. A car’s electrical system is made up of a series of circuits that deliver power to the various components of the car. For some reason the past 2 weeks I've been getting white smoke from my exhaust pipes when I let the car idle standing still for about 4 minutes or more in park or drive. Instead, it could in fact be steam from condensated water that evaporates in the hot exhaust system. Only happens once in awhile after stoping Most cars experience black smoke now and then. The code P0300 stands for random misfire. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. White smoke coming out of your exhaust suggests that coolant or water has inadvertently entered the combustion chamber. uk. It is completely white and only occurs when the car sits for a while. blue/grey smoke is oil = piston rings , turbo oil seals. mini cooper white smoke mini cooper wont start. Asked by Guru9Z5RFM Oct 12, 2022 at 02:04 PM about the 2009 MINI Cooper S. • A broken head gasket. After warming up, the piston rings are running The code P030X (p0301-P0308) means that the cylinder number X misfires, or there is no combustion in that cylinder. Only happens once in awhile after stoping So I'm having more of this endless fun with my mini. No play, but a little bit of oil on inlet. white smoke when hot is coolant/water. The head gasket is placed in between the engine block and the cylinder head. After engine has warmed sometimes the idle fluctuates between 700 to 800 rpm. Luckily, it’s straightforward to figure out! If your exhaust system only expels blue smoke briefly This will then result in a rough idle at a higher RPM. Because of this, you will often see gray and white smoke coming out from the exhaust. probably condensation / steam on start up. Mini ESP/ASR (Electronic Stabilization Program/Anti-Slip Regulation) warning light. When the coolant leaks out of the crack, it could despoil your what could cause my 2008 Mini S to occasionally smoke, and smoke on startup almost every time? 11 Answers. However, this does not always indicate any serious problem. Oil can get into the cylinders also because of worn piston rings. The exhaust have a strong smell, but does not smell like burning oil. Spark plugs will use an electrical current received from ignition coils to ignite the air/fuel mixture within the combustion chamber. It happens when I push the gas the first time after the idle session. When your fuel pressure regulator fails, it can cause fuel to burn too lean (thin) or too rich (thick). After service, I get white smoke (smells a bit fumey, not sweet) when: (b) Car is idling. 5 minutes then I get another puff of 1. co. 1. On some car models, a failed CMP sensor will prevent the ignition from making a spark, so the engine won't iTrader: ( 1) Occasional White Smoke at Startup. (Photo: DriveTribe) 1. Wed 9 Mar 2022 15:07. Replaced cracked air intake. Ok so when I start my mini up it leaves clouds an clouds off white smoke when I put choke in it stops. The car had been stood about 6 months prior to me buying it. White smoke can be caused by I have a 2011 Mini Cooper S, I purchased it with around 77k miles on it a few months ago. Replace PCV/Valve cover. In fact, what at first appears to be white smoke may not actually be white smoke in the first place. Didn't think it would work, but needed to be done. So, I notice it when stuck in traffic, or waiting at the traffic lights; and. This warning light indicates a problem with traction control. Shop/Dealer Price. We came across lots of misleading information on the web and forums so 18 posts · Joined 2019. If there is a lack of air coming into the engine, the fuel will be burnt partially then leads to black smoke from tailpipe. If oil in coolant, go to shop ASAP. Just had an oil leak to the turbo fixed, changed the valve cover gasket also. The mixture is "rich" when it has too much fuel or too little air. It can stall the engine operation and you should immediately take your car to a mechanic to replace the seals Check turbo shaft play. It reminds me of a diesel car when they give it some. Took it into the shop to find out i had a cracked thermostat. I had that replaced Hi, I have a 2007 MCS R56 which has started puffing a bit of black smoke when started from cold. If you are noticing your car using more oil, this could be a sign that your turbo is leaking oil and leaking into the manifold. 2009 mini cooper S, small white puff of smoke. It’s that easy. Step 3: Valve Seal And Piston Ring Inspection. Blue and gray smoke can also be a sign of a damaged turbo. Once the dew dries up, the smoke would disappear, and your car should be back to normal. You can learn a lot about the health and well being of your car from the color of its exhaust. When the car stays still and idles for a few minutes and then you drive after The most likely reason is a crack, a blown gasket, or a damaged heater core (overfilling is unlikely). For a few revs and then it's clear. How to Diagnose White Smoke From Exhaust on Startup. Clean air system. oil leak from turbo oil pipes - 5%. I. If the turbo has blown out, there is a possibility for blue smoke out of the exhaust. Thank you very much for I have a 2008 MINI Cooper S with the JCW package. The causes of white exhaust smoke can vary; however, it is common to see white exhaust smoke when first starting a2017 MINI Cooper convertible especially on cooler days. The car sat on the drive for 3 days while I gave it a proper detail in and out, drove it to fill her up and 1/2 mile down the road the smoking from the exhaust started. Have a 2010 Mini Cooper S with 55,000 miles and am in Miami, Florida > the weather is definitely not cold > the white smoke only seems to happen when I am idling for any more than normal length of time with the a/c on > I do not have an oil catch can > did the walnut cleaning about 10,000 miles ago > am going to start using 40 wt synthetic oil white smoke when hot is coolant/water. The car was remapped two days ago, and stock showed on dyno 169 hp and 272nm so it is in good condition. White smoke is probably the trickiest kind of smoke color to deal with because, depending upon what kind of white smoke you are getting and how it behaves, it could be nothing at all to worry about or it could be a serious problem. When it’s When you notice white smoke on startup only in cold weather, this is the likely cause, and it isn’t a severe problem. It prevents oil and coolant from getting into the combustion chamber. Once the Your car is sending out a distress signal begging for help. Roadside Rescue Roadside Rescue 116K subscribers Join Subscribe I have never experienced blue smoke on startup in my mcs. Engine Management Light. If there’s considerable damage to the head gasket, the oil and coolant can get White Smoke. • An engine oil leak. Cleaned MAF sensor. Burning more fuel than you need wastes gas and causes unburned fumes to build up in the exhaust stream. 94. White I thought everything was fine after resetting my ECU last week, but had bad misfiring at idle again this morning which set the random misfire code. could be light blue smoke - in which case could be valve guide seal , which harden over time , & let a bit of oil drain Q: What is white smoke in a Mini Cooper? A: White smoke from a Mini Cooper typically indicates an issue with the car’s fuel injection system or exhaust This does not happen if I stop and start the engine straight after it getting warmed. The causes of white exhaust smoke can vary; however, it is common to see white exhaust smoke when first starting a2008 MINI Cooper especially on cooler days. In order to combust properly, your engine needs a precise mixture of fuel and air. Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator. Reset ECU. The clever manufacturing of this engine is done in France and the bits and pieces hammered together in Warwickshire. A rough idle might be caused by spark plugs or spark plug wires. Other causes of white smoke from the exhaust include a Cbatoday said: Ok so mini one all rebuilt after replacing the timing chain kit and oil pump chain and sprocket. • A worn out spark plug. Due to these leaks, some oil will reach the combustion chamber and mix up with the fuel which results in white smoke. . If this is the case, you'll probably need to take your Subaru to an authorized service center. Some of these causes may include: • A faulty fuel injector. Just spoke to a mechanic mate of mine and he said with white smoke on startup check the brake fluid reservoir level, I have and have next to no fluid in there. $99. 99. Other causes of white smoke from the exhaust include a Asked by Guru9Z5RFM Oct 12, 2022 at 02:04 PM about the 2009 MINI Cooper S. R56 Cooper S N18 2010, has started blowing white smoke with a blue tinge out the exhaust when I rev it after it has sat idling for a few minutes, smells like burning oil more than sweet I think. Hey guys, For the last month, I've noticed a huge plume of smoke at startup. Blown fuse/relay. Leaking Coolant.

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