4 reasons to watch the movie “Golden Glove”

Today, the new film Fatikha Akina is released in domestic rental. This time it is a psychoanalytic drama, the history of the crimes of the marginal Fritz Honka, which, it would seem, are deprived of any meaning.

1. A detective without a detective

The film is based on the murders of middle-aged prostitutes committed by the marginal Fritz Honka in Hamburg in the early 1970s, crimes that were not disclosed, but were manifested by the world due to chance, fire. The film talks about the crime itself, about the criminal and his victims

, and therefore is called by the name of the bar, where the loser of the Honka is spent by the evenings. Director Fatikh Akin is more important than circumstances, the environment and the time when Honka committed his unmatory murders.

The Golden Glove is not a detective, but a kind of audit of a segment of the past of Germany, which formed, according to the author, Germany today.

2. Crime scene

In a country, a prosperous, but full of contradictions, where the forces of soft nationalism are fighting the forces of openness, the Turks shoots a metaphor film. The crimes of the maniac here are a consequence of the same as now, the seething in Germany of the 70s, when Ulrika Minhof stepped on the burghers with his “faction of the Red Army”, and the Nazis returned to the government agencies. No wonder there is one strong personality in the Golden Glove – the alcoholic Norbert, nicknamed SS.

Indeed, Fatikh Akin is an ideal auditor of the situation of German affairs: the son of Turkish migrant workers who came to Germany in the 70s, he became her pride-one of the leading directors of Europe.

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