Exhibition “Collection of peaks” in the art gallery Vsunio

The VSUNIO art gallery announces the extension of the educational and educational project “Collection of peaks” until May 7, 2017.

The exhibition “Collection of peaks” is the third project on the Moscow site of the Vsunio art gallery, which opened at the end of October 2016. The flow of those who want to see a new exhibition and their keen interest in an unusual exhibition space not only does not decrease, but also grows every day. For several months of existence, the gallery became a point on the Moscow art card, which must be visited.

If the first two Vsunio exhibitions in the gallery space on Armama-Noems (where a living transformation of art was clearly shown-a stylistic transition from impressionism to abstractionism) and “Seven parts of color” (personal exhibition of a talented invaluration artist Sergey Bryukhanov)-opened up the possibilities of thisnew Moscow art space, the exhibition “Collection of peaks” showed the whole potential of its capabilities.

The creators of the exhibition “Collection of peaks” managed to focus on the main features of the development of national artistic tradition. The exposition demonstrates unusual connections between three key directions and the true peaks of Russian art: Old Russian art (represented in the exposition of the icon “Nikolai Wonderworker” of the XVIII century), the avant-garde of the early XX century and non-conformism of the 1950-1980s.

The exposition includes the picturesque works of the most striking representatives of the Russian avant-garde of the 1910-1920s: Casimir Malevich (“The head of the peasant”, “Girl in the field”, “Suprematism”, “composition with blue and red squares”), Nikolai Suetin (“Women’s figure”), Anna Leporskaya (” Figure “,” Figures “), Ivan Gavris (” Cubism “,” Cubist composition with a figure “), as well as more than 5 compositions of Viktor Ufimtsev made using the collage technique.

The gallery collected from various sources and exhibits in its art space a unique collection of wooden heads for hats, decorated with sandyshold painting and signed by the collective name “UNOVIS”.

The third peak of Russian art presented at the exhibition is non-conformism of the 1950-1980s. For artists of the second vanguard, who has embarked on the opposition to the dogmas and power, a characteristic feature is recklessness, a declaration of unlimited freedom, a stubborn desire to live and create contrary to established rules. But,

6. Hva ville du valgt: Vær en mann med for tidlig utløsning og liten penis, men virker de Apollo eller være en frisk elsker, men med et mer enn middelmådig aspekt? (For menn) super kamagra ville du valgt: Vær en skjønnhet, men forferdelig i sengen, eller være en elskerinne, som alle drømmer, men med mer enn middelmådige aspekter? (For kvinner)

like the leaders of the first vanguard, they again demonstrated contempt for everyday life, fanatical devotion to creativity, the desire to penetrate into the depths of art and know its truth.

The exhibition “Collection of peaks” exhibits two works of one of the most striking representatives of non-conformism of Mikhail Schwartzman: “thoughts”, 1976, and “Lik”, 1972, and the work of Alexander Tyshler “Women’s Portrait”, 1961.

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